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by Sarah Trevor

Nothing is as fascinating as the planet we live on.

Its incredible landscapes, of every colour and texture imaginable, shaped over eons — and still changing today.

The millions of species here (8.7 million, to be precise), with yet more discovered every year.

Then there’s the people, in all their boundless diversity, and the traces they’ve left behind: from temples, castles and skyscrapers to crumbling relics and hidden artefacts.

They say the world is a big/beautiful/dangerous place, but really — size, beauty and danger aside — for most of us, it’s more like a patchwork of places. A virtually infinite patchwork of places.

And every one of these places has a story. Dozens, if not hundreds, of stories.

About World Unlost

World Unlost is an endeavour to explore as many of these places, and their stories, as possible — but deeply, thoughtfully and, well, nerdily.

It’s a travel blog for history buffs, bookworms, nerds and all-round inquisitive types armed with wanderlust, a conscience, and a propensity to over-think.

On World Unlost, you’ll find a place isn’t just a destination to be ticked off, hashtagged and humblebragged about, but rather a culmination of history, of stories. Here, you’ll discover these places through the lens of their present, their past, and their potential futures.

Because, despite being a history lover myself, it’s not only the historically noteworthy places and stories — the world-changing, epoch-defining sorta stuff — that fascinate me. I’m particularly drawn to the lost and forgotten, the lesser-known, overlooked and unexpected. And I firmly believe that history is not just about museums, archives and iconic historic sites (though they’re great too), but all around us. Sometimes in the most unexpected of places.

Through World Unlost, I hope to help people travel better, myself included. Because inquisitive, informed, sustainable travel is not just for eco-friendly inner city vegans. It can be the making of memorable, thrilling adventures if you dare — not to mention adventures that are a whole lot better for the world than the average trip.

So, getting off the soapbox… who is the nerd behind World Unlost?

About me

Hey. I’m Sarah, a twentysomething travel junkie and history lover from Western Sydney. I write, edit, proofread and generally nerd out about Australian history and heritage for a living.

Beyond my deep-seated love for reading and writing about dead people, old buildings and long-gone societies, my other all-consuming passion is travel.


Sporting several kilos’ worth of extra layers – an Aussie girl’s first taste of the European winter, at the marvellous Schloss Schwetzingen, Germany.

It’s been six years since I took my first trip abroad, spending two months in Europe — a trip I’d saved for my entire life. Since then, I’ve explored Icelandic glaciers and Sri Lankan temples, wandered Ireland’s winding country roads, Taiwan’s buzzing city streets and Rome’s cobblestoned alleyways, and encountered wildlife from quolls and quokkas to elephants and leopards. Basically, travelling as much as my bank account and career ambitions would allow — but not enough, never enough, for my liking. My wishlist is 376 pages long, and counting.

My general travel style can be summed up in the following:

  • Culture vulture
  • Animal lover and wildlife watcher
  • Purveyor of the lost, hidden and long forgotten (for want of a less, y’know, wanky term)
  • Lover of ancient ruins
  • And colonial-era ruins
  • … any ruins really
  • Italophile and gelatoholic
  • Over-researcher and under-planner
  • Serial rainforest visitor (with a phobia of leeches — go figure)
  • Habitual guest of unique overnights
  • Admirer of weird-ass rock formations
  • Novice, very novice, photographer
  • Secondhand bookshop addict
  • Reluctant collector of embarrassing moments, both when travelling and in daily life

You get the gist. And if not you can read more random (and vaguely self-indulgent) facts about my travels here.

When I’m not on the road, you can bet I’m avidly researching, daydreaming and penny-pinching for my next trip. Other things I’ll settle for when stuck at home include reading, studying Italian, dancing, playing with dogs, poking around Sydney’s hidden spots, and occasionally singing for the Western Sydney Wanderers.


Casually obscuring the postcard-worthy view of Procida, Italy.

At the risk of sounding like a total millennial cliché, I’m saving up for my wildest dream: an open-ended round the world trip spanning from the Arctic to Antarctica as a digital nomad, working and career-progressing from my laptop as I go. World Unlost is, I hope, my first step on that journey.

And I’d love for you to come along for the ride.

I promise to (try to) keep the awkward posing to a minimum.

World Unlost is for you if…

If you like to dig a little deeper on your travels, and aim to come away from each trip with not only memories of a lifetime but also an in-depth, nuanced understanding of the places you’ve been: welcome to World Unlost.

Here, you’ll find deeply researched (and probably well over-analysed) long-form stories about places that made me think. Plus the adventures and misadventures I’ve had along the way, ‘hidden gems’, unique overnights and lesser-known stories, and a rant or two thrown in for good measure.

Take a wander around the blog. It’s a baby, and still growing — but I’m working on it! In the meantime, I’d love you to have a read, let me know what you think, and tell me about travels of your own. Get in touch here.

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